Anastasia August began her cosplay adventure seven years ago. In that time she has completed more than sixty cosplays for personal use in addition to custom commissions. Her work has won awards ranging up to Best in Show and she has even earned recognition from DC Comics for her costume replication. Anastasia's designs and modeling have been showcased on many prominent nerd blogs and shared by cosplay focused magazines as well as various cosmetic and wig brands.

Todd Haberkorn

Doubletree Downtown Omaha NE, January 6th-8th

Black Star in Soul Eater
Wendy Marvell in Fairy Tale
Migi in Parasyte: The Maxim
Ikaros in Heavens Lost Property
Aria in Akame ga Kill
Hitch in Attack on Titan
Yuri Nakamura in Angel Beats
Pride/ Selim Bradley in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
And more!!!

Anastasia August

Announced Guests for 2017

Brittney Karbowski

More Guests Coming Don't miss out ticket sales are limited!!!

Todd Haberkorn is in many Anime shows including:

Fairy Tail: Natsu
Soul Eater: Death the Kid ...
Attack on Titan: Marlon
Sailor Moon: Jadeite
Hetalia: Italy
Pokemon XY: Tierno

Sword Art Online II: Oberon (Main Villian Second Season)
Naruto Shippeuden: Animal Pain
D Grey Man: Allen Walker
Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood: Ling Yao
Dragon Ball Z Kai: Android 19
Kill La Kill: Shiro Lori
Hellsin Ultimate: Tom, Vatican Officers, Wild Geese
Initial D: Keisuke Takahashi

And Many More!